My Services

I help  firms identify opportunities to apply digital technologies, prove their value through rapid prototyping and pilots, and develop robust processes and operational support to deploy at scale.


My Services


Innovation and Digital Transformation

Building your firm’s innovation capability and transforming your organisation to unlock the opportunities of digitisation.

Types of Engagement: Fixed Consulting Engagement, Ongoing Advisory, Maturity Assessment

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Experiments, Prototypes, Pilots

Applying Build-Test-Learn cycles to accelerate the discovery and development of solutions to meet your customers’ ever-increasing demands for value, ease of use and streamlined service.

Types of Engagement: Workshop,  Hackathon Planning & Execution, Pilot Project Leadership

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Strategy and Roadmaps

Defining strategy and roadmaps for innovation, digital transformation, analytics and information management, and Open APIs.

Types of Engagement: Fixed Consulting Engagement, Maturity Assessment

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Executing and Implementing

Leading the end-to-end implementation of systems impacting multiple functions across the enterprise, to deliver a step change in customer experience, process efficiency and organisational performance.

Types of Engagement: Project Leadership, Change Management Consulting

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Building your firm’s ability to apply new technologies and ways of working.

Types of Engagement: Workshop, Training Course

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How I Engage

I act as the bridge between a financial institution and its external partners. I work with professionals across disciplines and organisations.


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