Build your firm’s skills in applying new technologies and ways of working. These training courses training can help you build a high performing team.


Leading Innovation

Across large and small firms, the value of innovation in helping firms adapt to new opportunities, threats and customer expectations has become widely expected. But developing innovation capabilities and fostering an innovative culture is still a work in progress for many new and established firms alike. Leading Innovation is designed to help you build innovation capabilities in your firm.

The course will explain why innovation is critical to a firm’s success, and how it can support, execute and even re-shape a firm’s strategy. It will describe the pros and cons of different innovation models, enabling participants to select the most appropriate model for their organisation. It will explain best practices such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup and agile that are applied by leading innovative firms.

The course will show how to establish an innovation function within your firm, how to gain executive sponsorship, stakeholder collaboration, and building partnerships inside and outside the firm. It will show how to identify the mix of skills required within the core innovation team. You will learn how to define the types of innovation your firm seeks to encourage, how to build the innovation portfolio and pipeline, and setting selection criteria.

Participants will learn how to plan and lead innovation activities such as agile projects, hackathons and innovation challenges, and the tools required. You will learn when and how to engage customers in the innovation process. The course will culminate in a team exercise: an innovation project to apply the concepts covered. Participants will be able to use this experience to conduct innovation projects, hackathons and challenges in their own organization.

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Analytics Cycle

Marketing Analytics

Whether marketing through digital, physical or omni-channel environments, measuring results, forecasting and prediction can enhance business success.

The course will show how adopting a data-driven approach can improve Marketing Return On Investment (MROI). Starting with explaining key metrics such as revenue, gross margin, profit and sales lift, participants will learn how calculating Customer Lifetime Value helps determine a firm’s acceptable Customer Acquisition Cost and set its marketing budget.

A continuous Analytics Cycle of iterative insight, improvement and measurement is critical to marketing success. Best practices and advanced analytics techniques will be applied to practical worked examples including pricing, forecasting, segmentation, and advertising and campaign performance.

Participants will learn visualisation and presentation techniques that are vital in influencing and helping executives to make informed, data-driven decisions.

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